Company dynamics

  • Thanks Letter from Marks & Spencer


    2020-07-08 boss 22

  • Happy New Year from Our Honored Client


    2020-01-21 boss 13

  • Warm wishes from our honored Client

    We got the warm wishes from hour clients, whom we have been cooperated with for long time....

    2020-01-19 boss 20

  • Candles & Home Fragrance Buying Guide-2

    Smell is one of the most powerful triggers for our memory, as particular scents can take us back to childhood or a happy point in life. Certain ingredients and aromas can help us if we’re feeling anxious, stressed, or in need of relaxation or a burst of energy......

    2020-01-03 Art fortune 35

  • Candles &Home fragrance buying guide-3

    Diffusers and candles usually carry a fragrance percentage, but the higher the percentage doesn’t necessarily mean the stronger the scent or the better the candle. Light fragrances, such as gardenia, will need more of the essential oil to give a constant scent. Heavier scents, like rose, don’t need as high a concentration....

    2020-01-03 Art fortune 83

  • Candles & Home Fragrance Buying Guide

    Home fragrance can add real personality to your interior, evoking memories and creating a welcoming atmosphere. When you’re choosing a gift or selecting a fragrance for yourself, take a little time to think about where and who you’re buying for – we hope our guide will help you make your choice....

    2020-01-03 Art fortune 51

  • Qingdao Art Fortune new website for home fragrance

    New website of Qingdao Art Fortune is coming soon....

    2020-01-03 Art fortune 128

  • Donation of masks

    Donation of masks...

    2020-03-27 boss 5

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Qingdao Art Fortune Imp/Exp Co.,Ltd. is specialized in developing, designing and producing home fragrance products. such as candles, reed diffuser, gift sets and candle holder items. We've been supplied quality candle and glass items to our clients for more than 10 years.



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